Lucky Snake Year 2021 Chinese New Year Celebration Guide


Food is a significant portion of Chinese New Year reflected in Festival customs and conventions. Dumplings representing fortune (taking after little gold and silver ingots once utilized as cash) are overwhelmed by specific zeal.

Delectable glutinous rice-cakes highlight consistently on New Year Menus. happy new year 2021 wallpaper ‘Fish’ and ‘bounty/bounty’ sound comparative in Chinese so fish dishes are well known as well. Go for Spare-ribs and Singapore Noodles on the off chance that you’ve never attempted Chinese cooking.


Gold, representing favorable luck, is extremely noticeable. Gatherings of four gold Chinese characters on sparkly red paper, pass on suitable Greetings or assumptions.

Red, the most dynamic tone, speaks to Heaven Qi actuating and stimulating our bodies. Red is wherever in this celebration enacting the New Year.


Firecrackers, including fireworks, fundamental highlights of New Year festivities, are old Chinese creations. Bamboo, detonating with a boisterous report when copied through quick inward air development, incited their revelation.

Marches, exhibitions, moving (particularly Lion Dancing) and kung fu shows are likewise key celebration fixings. Advance information on such festivals urges individuals to appreciate these propitious occasions to the most extreme.

Why Chinese New Year Dates Vary!

The Chinese New Year Festival, starts when the Year’s subsequent Moon seems starting another Lunar Cycle supplanting the leaving Month finishing the past one. Lunar Months last 29.5 days so China embeds additional months occasionally (7 like clockwork) thus this moveable blowout’s varying yearly beginning and end dates.

As the Crescent new moon shows up the world over Chinatowns start to repeat with the hints of Lion and Dragon Dances. These customarily carry karma to recently opening undertakings (like the New Year).

Sheffield Chinese Lion Dance Team (I’m a part) are well known in my home City. In London U.K Chinatown, Shaolin Fists Lion Dance Team of my Esteemed Teacher (Grandmaster Yap Leong) known around the world, figure broadly in Celebrations, close by other amazing groups.

Snake Year Celebrations Begin February 2013

The Capital’s Chinese Water Snake Year 2013-14 festivals start Sunday February tenth with a morning road march through Chinatown from Shaftesbury Avenue, Charing Cross and The Strand. Trafalgar Square’s outdoors stage at that point has, top notch hand to hand fighting, ethnic dance and music exhibitions from visiting Chinese craftsmen with the expectation of complimentary throughout the evening.

Art slows down, road diversion, Lion Dancing and firecrackers proceed into the night. Neighborhood Chinese smorgasbords and eateries at that point load up with those finishing their encounter with a welcome supper!

Have a Happy and Prosperous Snake Year 2013/14!

Malaysia Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines Thailand, Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia having huge Chinese connections and populaces likewise observe Chinese New Year. A recognized Chinese Official depicted this last year as: ‘… something that China is offering to the World… an overall festival’!

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