How To Train To Be A Professional Plumber


A plumber is a professional who is trained to install and repair pipes. The specific job responsibilities of a plumber may entail installing fixtures and pipes, inspecting pipe lines and replacing worn parts. Furthermore, plumbers may repair systems that are not working.

Why Should I Consider Becoming a Plumber?

Plumbers get to complete a variety of jobs. They also have the opportunity to meet new people every day. Plumbers can quickly build their client base and enjoy a plumbers wausau work flow. Additionally, plumbers have the opportunity to earn a very nice income.

What Are Some of the Disadvantages of Being a Plumber?

Plumbers often have to work long hours, which may include evenings, holidays and weekends. They may also be called in to work at a short notice. Furthermore, the work of a plumber can be grueling.

How Do You Become a Plumber?

People who are interested in becoming a plumber in the United Kingdom typically complete an apprenticeship program. This program usually takes about two or three years to complete. Most students study at a college for two years and then spend time working at a plumbing firm.

Students also have the option of earning a NVQ level 2 diploma in plumbing and heating from an accredited company. Many people take this route because it is sometimes more convenient than studying at a traditional college.

Students who opt to earn a NVQ Level 2 Plumbing and Heating will be trained in all aspects of industrial and domestic plumbing. Full-time students can typically earn their diploma within eight weeks. Basic electrics, water regulations, central heating design, pipework and fabrication and Part L energy design are some of the courses that are typically required to earn NVQ level 2 diploma in plumbing and heating. Students will also be required to pass a written and practical examination.

How Much Can A Plumber In The United Kingdom Make?

There are a number of factors that determine a plumber’s salary. However, most plumbers start off making between 17,000 and 21,000 pounds per year. Experienced plumbers typically make much more, but it is important to note that a plumber’s salary is largely dependent on his or her work load.

What Is The Career Outlook?

Central heating and hot baths are a necessity, so plumbers will always be needed. However, people should be cognizant of the fact that jobs may be more plentiful in some areas than others.